About John Lacy

John Lacy is a commercial photographer based in the metro Detroit area.
Shooting business and corporate marketing for over 25 years
including such diverse industries as automotive manufacturers and suppliers,
the construction industry, information technology and manufacturers of retail products.

Each project starts with a complete understanding of the marketing objectives to be
communicated through photography. A shot list is created and a plan is set for designing,
creating and perfecting those images as ready to use files by our clients and their assigns.

Shooting on location may include architectural photography of offices and facilities,
equipment and processes, staff and corporate executives as well as photo illustrations
of the products and services the client produces.

Our in-house studios are available for shooting products as large as a motorcycle or
executive head-shots. We also have additional rental studios available to accommodate
larger shoots and sets when required.

Here are 10 reasons to hire John Lacy for your marketing project:

#10 We are professional in the way we represent you
as well as the way we represent ourselves.

#9  We can offer you a wide range of
options to best meet your needs.

#8  We can make all arrangements so you don’t have to.
We can setup and schedule shoots at multiple locations,
making for arrangements for travel, accommodations,
shooting schedules, image prep and delivery.

#7  We can deliver finished, ready to use digital files
for your immediate use, saving you time and money!

#6  We pride ourselves on the quality and value we deliver.

#5  We currently shoot Canon 50 Megapixel full-frame camera systems
and Canon “L” professional series lenses. This provides us with very large
files allowing precise retouching and amazing detail.
We can also shoot video up to 6K as well as 4K aerial from a drone based platform.

#4  We bring a unique mix of creativity
and objective reason to the images we create.
They are pleasing but also serve function towards your objective goals.

#3  First published in 1980 and shooting professionally since 1987 (now over 25 years!),
we have formal training in graphic design as well as photography plus John Lacy worked
for over 100 other photographers prior to working for himself as a full-time shooter.
John has shot for many fortune 500 companies including working for Ford Motor Co.
for 7 years. John’s work has been on numerous magazine covers, billboards, television
commercials as well as countless brochures, annual reports and catalogs.

#2  We want you to be happy with the results, and even more importantly
we believe when applied to it’s full potential what we create
should not cost you money, it should make you money.

#1  You’ve already got plenty of other things to worry about.
When you hire us we will get the job done! No worries.

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